Clean-Eating Snack Recipes

Cheese Rounds with Peach Chutney

Store-bought rounds of light semisoft cheese help keep these fruity morsels low in carbs, fat and calories.” Ingredients 1 peach, halved, pitted, and finely chopped (about ½ cup) or ½ cup finely chopped, thawed, frozen unsweetened peach slices 1 tablespoon finely chopped dried...

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Berry-Mint Kefir Smoothies

Kefir is similar to yogurt, full of gut-friendly probiotics. But it has fewer carbs and a more drinkable consistency—perfect for smoothies.” Ingredients 1 cup low-fat plain kefir (see Tip) 1 cup frozen mixed berries ¼ cup orange juice 1-2 tablespoons fresh mint 1...

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Everything Bagel Microwave Popcorn

Full of umami-rich flavors inspired by the classic bagel, this easy popcorn snack is sure to make your mouth water.” Ingredients 1½ tablespoons popcorn kernels 1 teaspoon olive oil ½ teaspoon sesame seeds ½ teaspoon poppy seeds ⅛ teaspoon onion powder ⅛ teaspoon...

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Savory Date & Pistachio Bites

A touch of sweetness from the dates and raisins paired with crunch and nuttiness from the pistachios make these bites perfect for an on-the-go snack or as an accompaniment on a cheese board.” Ingredients 2 cups pitted whole dates 1 cup raw unsalted...

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Veg-Out Car Snack

Long car ride ahead? Resist the urge to pack unhealthy chips and cookies for you and the kids. This healthy vegetable car snack is quick to prepare and can be served up in individual snack bags or pint-size storage containters so it's easier...

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Very Veggie Smoothies

Adding leafy greens into your smoothie recipes is a great way to boost the nutrients in your diet. This smoothie is fruit-flavored with peach, banana and mango but it's got chard in it for added vitamins K, C, and A.” Ingredients 2 cups...

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Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Make your own microwave popcorn—it's the simplest technique for making popcorn at home and only requires popcorn kernels and a single brown bag. You'll pop up a perfectly fluffy, light snack each time.” Ingredients 1½ tablespoons popcorn kernels Directions 1Add popcorn kernels to...

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Parmesan Microwave Popcorn

Nutty, salty and incredibly crispy, this cheesy popcorn snack is simple to make and sure to be a favorite snack.” Ingredients 1½ tablespoons popcorn kernels 1 teaspoon olive oil ½ tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese Pinch of salt Directions 1Add popcorn kernels to a...

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Vegan Lemon-Dill Cashew Dip

Pureed cashews make for a lusciously creamy dip that your guests will never guess is completely plant-based. Since it keeps well, this appetizer is also a quick solution for hungry snackers. Garnish with pickled shallots and extra capers for a briny finish.” Ingredients...

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