Beautiful and Colorful Bird Songs – Bird Sounds and Species with Names (A to Z)

Hi Guys. I made a video for you about bird sounds with their photos and names. ( A to Z bir name list) I found 553 #bird songs and I prepared a video with their photos. You will like so much this video.

I love all animals. And sometimes making new videos for all animal lovers. This video include #birdsongs #birdsounds #birdcall . You can watch so many #birdspecies. World has got so much bird types. When you travel to tropical countries or north and south countries, you can see a lot of species. This video is 51 minutes. So many people grove them as pets. These birds sing very well for relaxing.

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Some of them: Pigeon, sparrow, owl, hawk, falcon, eagle, parrot, ducks, wigeon, penguin, albatrosses, petrels, grebes, flamingos, storks, ibises and spoonbills, herons, Pelicans, kites, allies, Caracaras, coots, crakes, rails, lapwings, budgerigar and plovers.
553 bird songs nature of cockatiel, parakeets, budgies and others.
Very beautiful best Bird songs and bird calls.
Recordings of bird songs and Sounds of birds chirping on the earth. Top birds and their sounds in this video for relaxing.

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