‘Young and The Restless’ Who is Connor Newman?


Young and the Restless Viewers will notice a new Connor Newman on their favorite CBS soap. The familiar Gadbois twins have been replaced with an older Connor named  Judah Mackey. Soaps regularly SORAS kids, the Gadbois boys were with the show several years so it was a good run. Older kids mean more drama.

Young and the Restless fans haven’t seen Chelsea Newman’s (Melissa Claire Egan) and her ex Adam Newman’s (Mark Grossman) son Connor Newman since Chelsea left town after embezzling money from Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bregman), knocking Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) unconscious and breaking Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) heart into a million pieces. Here is a short history of Connor’s life.

Young and the Restless: Connor is born into Chaos

         Y&R fans may remember that Chelsea got pregnant after a one night stand with Adam. She didn’t know about Adam’s ruthless reputation when she slept with him, however, the more she learned the less she wanted to do with the black sheep of the Newman family.

      When Chelsea discovered she was pregnant she and her best friend Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) decided they needed to come up with a way to keep the true paternity of her baby a secret. It was Chloe who decided that Chelsea should sleep with someone else and name them the father of her child in order to keep Adam off her back.

Young and the Restless: Dylan McAvoy becomes Chelsea’s foil

      After a short while of looking Chelsea came across Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). He was a nice guy and he and Chelsea got along great. They went on a few dates and ended up in bed together.  A few weeks later Chelsea told Dylan that she was pregnant with his baby. Dylan was both surprised and ecstatic to hear this news.

     Chelsea felt better now that her baby had a father that was better than Adam and Dylan soon proposed to Chelsea. The two wed and prepared for the birth of Chelsea’s child. However, there was a dark cloud looming over Chelsea’s happy life.

Young and the Restless: Adam returns to claim what’s his

     Adam had been watching unbeknownst to Chelsea. He soon figured out that Chelsea was carrying his child and not Dylan’s. He allowed Chelsea to live her fantasy until Connor was born. Once the baby arrived Adam let Chelsea know that she would not keep him from his son.

      Chelsea broke down and told Dylan the truth about Connor’s paternity which led to them splitting up. The game of cat and mouse with Adam would then begin. Adam became obsessed with Chelsea. He wanted her, not only as the mother of his child but in his bed and he used Connor to make that happen. He took custody of Connor and let Chelsea know that the only way she could be with her son was to live with him.

Young and the Restless: Tragedy strikes as Connor begins to lose his eyesight

      Adam and Chelsea fell in love despite Chelsea’s best intentions to steer clear of Adam. The family was living together happily until Connor began losing his eyesight. He was suffering from the same eye disease that had left Adam’s mother blind, and nearly blinded Adam himself. Connor desperately needed a cornea transplant.

      The corneas would come from a tragedy. Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Chloe’s daughter Delia (Sophie Pollono) was killed in a tragic hit and run accident. They agreed to save Connor’s eyesight by donating her eyes to the young boy.

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Young and the Restless: Connor comes home to GC

     Adam was supposedly killed in a cabin explosion. Chelsea grieved for a long time before she was able to move on. Eventually, Adam contacted her and asked her to bring Connor and meet him. That was the last time Young and the Restless fans had seen Adam’s oldest son until he returned to Genoa City with her mother Anita Lawson (Catherine Bach).

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