‘Young and the Restless’ Nick and Sharon Newman A Long Past Together


Young and the Restless fans have watched as Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) have gone back and forth between love and hate. This couple has been married and divorced almost as many times as Nick’s star crossed parents Nicki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Genoa City’s billionaire tycoon Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).  

Young and the Restless: The death of Cassie Newman

Sharon was reunited with her daughter Cassie (Camryn Grimes) after she was found by Sharon’s best friend Grace Turner (Jennifer Gareis). Grace took the little girl in to live with her  Eventually Sharon and Cassie reunited.

Nick welcomed Cassie into the family and when she came to live with them full-time Nick went the extra mile and adopted the little girl making her an official Newman. This completed their family.

Unfortunately, happiness would be short-lived as a 14-year-old Cassie had a serious crush on Daniel Romalatti (Michael Graziadei) on the Y&R soap. One night Cassie ended up at a party where Daniel was drunk. Being only 14 Cassie didn’t have her driver’s license. That didn’t stop her from making a fateful decision. She decided to drive Daniel home. The night ended with a tragic accident that eventually took Cassie’s life. 

 Young and the Restless: Nick and Sharon go back and forth

Over the next few years, Nick and Sharon would break up and come back together numerous times. Nick would get together with Phyllis Summers and their affair would lead to the birth of Nick’s daughter Summer Newman (Hunter King).

At one point Nick and Sharon reunited and they were blessed with their daughter Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind). Both of them were very happy and the family reunited.

Young and the Restless: Sharon changes everything with one keystroke

Nick and Phyllis’ daughter Summer had grown up. She developed a crush on Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) son Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor). Unfortunately, that meant that Phyllis had to reveal a painful truth to both Nick and Jack. She wasn’t sure which man was Summer’s real father.

Young and the Restless viewers know that Sharon took a wicked pleasure in this news. She had been looking for a way to get Phyllis out of her life. This was perfect. Sharon had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. It would be what Sharon did to Nick and Summer that would be her worst act yet. Young and the Restless fans will remember In a desperate attempt to try and get Phyllis out of her life for good, Sharon broke into the hospital lab and changed Summer’s paternity test results to make it look like Jack was Summer’s dad instead of Nick.

   Young and the Restless: Nick and Sharon’s relationships and affairs

Nick isn’t the only one to step outside of his love for Sharon. Sharon has married a few times herself and had her fair share of bed partners. Sharon’s most noted exes include Jack Abbott and her own father in law Victor Newman.

She has also been involved with all of Nick’s brothers. Her most prominent (and possibly self- destructive) has been her on again off again love affair with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). However, she has also been married to Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). 

In addition to Phyllis has had affairs with Sharon’s best friend Grace, and numerous others. His noted exes include Sage Warner (Kelly Sullivan) and Adam’s ex Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan). 

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Young and the Restless: The end for Nick and Sharon?

Plenty of Y&R fans have wanted to know if this is the end of Nick and Sharon. The answer is who knows? This couple always seems to rebound back to one another so fans will just have to keep watching and see.

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