Young and the Restless: Adam and Nick Newman Same Blood But Polar Opposites


  The Young and the Restless most prominent family is at serious odds right now. The Newman family is embroiled in a battle over Christian Newman. The young man has two men fighting to be his father. The two Newman sons engaged in this uncivil war are Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and his older brother Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). Although they share a last name and a bloodline they couldn’t be more different if they had been born on opposite sides of the moon.

Young and the Restless: Nick and Adam have vastly differing personalities

       Nick Newman’s personality is really laid back. He can be intense at times, but generally, he likes to have fun and enjoy life. Nick tries not to take everything so seriously and he enjoys time with his family. Unlike his father, Victor Newman (Eric Braden) Nick doesn’t have to control every aspect of his children’s lives. He wants what’s best for them, but he leaves that for them to decide and he’s always there to support them or give them a helping hand when they need it.

       Adam is a lot darker. He is a lot more like Victor. His son Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) that he has with Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) has been a source of major contention for the two of them since the beginning of their relationship. Adam has wanted Connor raised under his roof and protection since he found out that the child was his son. Unlike Nick, Adam expects everyone to bend to his wishes and do his bidding. He wants the world his way.

 Young and the Restless:  Two different styles of getting what they want

       Young and the Restless viewers know Adam is all about getting his way by any means necessary. He and Victor have that in common. Even though Adam wasn’t raised by Victor the two men share many similarities in personality. Adam isn’t above using illegal activities to get what he wants. These activities include blackmail or bribery. It doesn’t seem to matter as long as Adam’s end goal is met. Adam also doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. That includes innocent people and his own family.

         Avid Y&R watchers know Nick is much different. There are some lines that he just won’t cross. Although Y&R fans have seen a bit of a darker side to Nick, he is still the same loveable guy that he has been for most of his life. He is a lot more like his mother Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). Nick chooses to put family first. He has limits to how far he will go to get what he wants and he tries to live his life with some kind of sense of right and wrong. Nick rarely blurs the lines. When he does it has to be for a very good reason and it’s rarely done without good cause.

Young and the Restless: The brothers had two different upbringings

          Nick and Adam grew up very differently. Young and the Restless fans will remember that Adam had no idea that Victor was his father until he was much older because that was how his mother wanted it. There may be some resentment on Adam’s part toward Nick because he feels that Nick got to have their father for years that he missed out on.

     Y&R fans will remember way back when  Adam was raised by his blind mother Hope Wilson (Signey Coleman) and she loved him wholeheartedly, Nick was raised in the chaos that was Nikki and Victor’s firestorm of a relationship during his sister Victoria Newman’s (Amelia Heinle) childhood.  Nick knew Victor as his father. Nick has also grown up in victor’s shadow. He has had to worry about what Victor would think about every move and decision Nick would ever make in his life.

Young and the Restless: Nick and Adam have vastly different life plans for the same people

      Nick and Adam share a lot of people in common. They have different viewpoints and want different things for all of them. Chelsea is a prime example of this. Adam wants his ex back because she is the means to getting back with his son Connor. Many Young and the Restless fans believe that Chelsea is the love of Adam’s life and that she will be the one to help him see the error of his ways and become a better person, but it doesn’t seem to be heading that way this time. Instead, Adam will do anything, including using Christian as a bargaining chip to get Chelsea back under his control.

          On the other hand, Nick seems to just want Chelsea to be happy. While he would love to have a second chance with her Nick isn’t pushing her into anything she isn’t ready for. Meanwhile, Adam is trying every manipulation he has at his disposal to get Chelsea back under his thumb.

Both Newman brothers have loved the same women on Y&R

Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) is another example of the two brothers vastly different ways of handling people. Nick may not want to be with Sharon, but she is the mother of his children. He wants her to be happy and he encouraged her relationship with Rey Rosales ( Jordi Vilasuso) while Adam did all he could to undermine it and get Sharon to do his bidding.

      In the end, Adam and Nick are, and always will be polar opposites.  Even though they are the sons of Victor Newman Young and the Restless fans know that they are both men of their own making. Adam has chosen to be most like Victor. He has molded himself into that dark, brooding image.

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