‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Brown’s Baby Brings Moms and Kody to Full House in North Carolina?

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It looks like Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush’s baby daughter brings her grandmothers and grandfather to North Carolina. While Janelle Brown, who is Maddie’s biological mom, was first to arrive, hints emerge to say the other wives are either there or on the way. The same goes for Kody Brown and it looks like he may do some reading while in that neck of the woods.

Sister Wives: Family Gathers for Maddie Brown Brush Birth?

Sister Wives stars Maddie and Caleb Brush expect their second child, a daughter, any day now. Janelle’s been posting pictures of her time with Maddie’s firstborn son. It seems Janelle has been able to play with her 2-year-old grandson Axel for several days now. So it looks as if she arrived first.

Then Kody Brown poked his head back into social media with a couple of posts. While they didn’t say anything about the Sister Wives husband’s location, it looked as if he’s been reading the North Carolina news. He retweeted two articles, both having to do with events going on in North Carolina.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown - Axel Brown

Where In the World is Waldo – Or Kody Brown?

So maybe fans can assume the Sister Wives patriarch is sitting in a recliner at Maddie’s taking in the local news. While Kody’s whereabouts look rather iffy, it appears that Christine is more than likely at Maddie’s house today. She posted the photo above with her and Axel playing around in the mirror.

Maddie posted a fun picture of Caleb and Axel checking out a fire engine in their town over the weekend, so it doesn’t look like Axel is visiting in Arizona with the family. It looks more like the family came to North Carolina. Check out the video below when Maddie and Caleb brought the first Sister Wives grandbaby into the world – Axel.

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Sister Wives: Not All Parents Accounted For

So far fans know Janelle Brown is at Maddie’s house for sure. She said so in a post when she headed to North Carolina several days ago on baby watch. Now Christine Brown surfaces in a photo with Axel. So it’s a pretty safe bet she’s with Maddie as well waiting for the baby’s arrival.

Kody Brown isn’t saying much, but he’s suddenly got an interest in news from North Carolina. This could mean he’s there soaking in the local color of their politics as each story he posted on Twitter was political in nature.

Now, what about Meri Brown? While Meri didn’t say where she was going, she did post a photo of herself sitting on a plane. Several hours ago she did say she was on a plane today and feeling blessed. But she also talked about her Lularoe business, so maybe she’s headed somewhere else.

Robyn seemingly fell off the face of the virtual world back in March. That’s the last time she posted online. So there’s no telling where she is. But someone needs to stay home and watch the school-aged kids. So maybe Robyn didn’t go along for the journey this time around.

One thing is for sure, with at least two of her Sister Wives moms there and possibly her dad, Maddie has to be ready to bring her daughter into the world any day now.

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