Sister Wives: Kody Brown Breaks Silence – Claps Back at Unruly Hair Tweet with New Pic


Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to be quietly checking up on what the fans have to say about him online today. After a blogger shared a tweet about the evolution of his hair, it looks like he retaliated with a selfie and posted it online. It appears Kody Brown offered an updated version of his coiffure today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Replies to Hair Raising Tweet

Kody Brown has been very silent across the social media world for months now. Despite his absence from the online universe, he’s still very much talked about among the Sister Wives fans.

He’s been slammed, called all kinds of names, and rumors are spinning almost daily about the shared husband of four wives. Still, not a stir out of the Sister Wives Papa Brown. That is until someone rips into his hair. Who knew all it would take to pull him out of the darkness was a comment about his locks?

It looks like the blogger caught Kody’s eye with her group of pictures demonstrating bad hair days for the Sister Wives patriarch. It appears this was just enough to coax a comment out of Kody.

Kody Apologizes for Unruly Hair

The Sister Wives celeb was a man of few words but he directed the comment at the blogger. In his latest tweet, all he said was “Happy?”

When Kody Brown hopped on Twitter at the beginning of last season, one of the first things he did was apologize for his hair. From what the photos below demonstrate you can probably understand why.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown Hair Pictures

He also warned the Sister Wives viewers that if they think his hair looks bad now, wait until a few more episodes roll out. Kody said it gets even worse as the season plays out. The photos above represent just a fraction of Kody Brown’s styles from last season. His latest look, from his tweeted photo today, is sure to get applause. He’s looking quite dapper.

Sister Wives: Papa Brown Weapon of Choice – Diffuser

What Kody did offer in the last season was a sneak peek into his hour-long bathroom routine in the morning. Most of the Sister Wives husband’s time was spent on primping his hair.

The blow dryer with a diffuser was his weapon of choice against his unruly curls. His hair has been a big part of his existence for such a long time. Below is a video that’s titled “Ode to Kody Brown’s Hair”. TLC released this for an earlier Sister Wives season.

[embedded content]

His hair had a life of its own online last season as his man bun was topic of debate quite often. Some fans liked it while others thought it looked rather insipid.

But Kody Brown didn’t change a thing, he kept on going with his hair wildly bouncing with every step he took. Today it looks like he’s tamed it a bit and he’s hoping the blogger is “happy” now that he gave her an update. Thanks, Kody Brown for the photo of your updated hairstyle!

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