‘Days of Our Lives’ How Chad and Abby Became “Chabby”


Days of Our Lives fans know that Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and his wife Abigail Deveraux (Kate Mansi) have gone through a lot. Abby has had to deal with being targeted by both her new brother in law Stefan O. DiMera (Brandon Barash) and her so-called best friend Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus). Chad has had to face his mistakes after learning Abby had been telling the truth about so many things and the couple had to find their way back to each other.

  Days of our Lives: Stefan sets his sights on Abby

From the moment Stefan DiMera set foot in Salem he seemed drawn to Abby. Stefan was determined to have her no matter how many times Abby said no, or he was warned to stay away by Chad. Stefan seemed to be a man on a mission. That mission was to steal his brother’s wife and have her for himself.

Abby was clearly not interested when she was in her right mind. However, Abby began suffering from her Disassociative Disorder after the murder of Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis). She began to come on to Stefan in her altered state. He took full advantage of it, rather than getting her the help she desperately needed.

Days of Our Lives: Gabi gets caught in the crossfire

DOOL fans remember that one of Abby’s personalities was that of her best friend Gabi Hernandez. Stefan took advantage of this fact and Abby’s other protective alter Dr. Laura (Kate Mansi) framed the unsuspecting Gabi for Andre’s murder. Of course, Gabi went to prison. 

Neither Gabi nor Chad could understand what would make Abby do such a thing to her friend. Chad took Gabi’s side against his wife. That only made things worse as Abby’s Disassociative Disorder spun out of control and she felt the only person she could depend on was Stefan. This played right into the darker DiMera’s hands. Eventually, Chad and Abby split and she married Stefan thinking he would protect her. 

DOOL: Gabi hatches a sinister plan for revenge

When Gabi was released from prison she was determined that both Stefan and Abby would pay. When she learned that Abby was pregnant she hatched a sinister plan that would take everything from both people she considered responsible for her problems. 

As Gabi worked her plan Chad and Abby grew further and further apart as Chad believed she was carrying Stefan’s child. Stefan tried to get close to Abby and the baby she was carrying, but Abby was having none of it. Gabi was also making Abby believe her Disassociative Disorder had returned. The end result was that Abby ended up locked in an institution after her daughter was born. Stefan took custody of the little girl and Chad was devastated because he had Abby locked away.

 The truth comes out on Days of Our Lives

DOOL fans also recall that when the truth came out there was a serious fallout for everyone. The confrontation between Abby, Gabi, and Chad left everyone shaken as Chad learned he was the father of Abby’s daughter. He also learned just how far Gabi had gone to get revenge on Abby for the actions that landed Gabi in jail and unable to have children. 

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Chad wasn’t the only one who was shell shocked. Stefan was left bereft when he was hit with divorce papers and the truth that the Gabby he’d loved no longer existed. Then he took another punch to the chest when he learned that Abby’s daughter belonged to Chad. The small family left town after the dust settled. They will soon be returning so we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.

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