‘Days of Our Lives’ Ciara and Hope Brady More Alike Than They Thought


Days of Our Lives fans have been watching the love story between Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) and Ben Weston (Robert Weston) develop. There have been many similarities between their story and that of Ciara’s parents Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo Brady (Peter Reckell). 

Days of Our Lives: Both Ben and Bo were bad boys before meeting their lady loves

DOOL fans may remember that both Bo Brady and Ben Weston had bad reputations when they first came to Salem. Bo was a motorcycle-riding bad boy with seemingly no clout even though he was part of one of the most prominent families in Salem. Bo roared into town on his motorcycle and swept Hope Brady off her feet.

Ben Weston was known as the necktie killer after strangling five people to death. He also attempted to murder Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Abigail Deveraux (Kate Mansi). Ben came back to Salem after he was paroled from the mental institution and faced a lot of backlash over his past actions. No one wanted him back in Salem and everyone thought he was still dangerous.

Days of Our Lives: Both couples faced a lot of obstacles

DOOL fans will remember that Bo and Hope were not met with open arms when they came out as a couple. Hope’s father Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) was less than thrilled when he first met the wild-haired, motorcycle riding young man who had stolen Hope’s heart. Doug warned his daughter to stay away from Bo and find someone more suitable. Hope wouldn’t listen. Instead, she drew closer to Bo and the two fell deeper in love.

Ciara is a lot like her mom. She and Ben met and connected after Ciara had an accident on her motorcycle and broke her leg. Ben cared for her in a cabin in the woods. Ben has been there for her throughout their time together. He has saved Ciara from would-be kidnappers, rescued her from a fire that nearly killed her and saved her from his sister who tried to hurt her.

Hope was not happy to learn that her daughter was dating Ben. She did everything she could to keep the couple apart. This included trying to lock him up for setting the fire that nearly killed Ciara. She wanted Ciara as far away from Ben as possible. Hope refused to believe Ben had changed. Eventually, she came around though. Even though she still isn’t completely happy about her daughter dating the reformed serial killer she has come to accept Ciara’s choice.

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Days of Our Lives: Hope and Ciara had to fight to keep their loves alive

Both Hope and her daughter have had to fight for their men. With Hope, it was battling for Bo’s love against other women. Bo had romances with Carly Manning (Crystal Chappel). She also had to deal with Bo’s on again off-again relationship with Billie Reed (Lisa Rinna) and the two of them had a child.  Bo and Hope had many ups and downs throughout their love story.

While Ciara and Ben’s story is truly just beginning they have definitely had their fair share of ups and downs. Ben has tried to leave Ciara on numerous occasions because he has been battling his own demons.  Just like Bo, Ben has always wanted to protect Ciara. Ben believed at some points that meant protecting her from him because he was too evil to deserve someone as special as she was.

Ciara knew better. She saw the good in Ben. Even when Ben wouldn’t fight for himself Ciara stood by him. She believed in their love and knew they had something special. Ciara wasn’t giving up on Ben and wouldn’t allow him to give up on himself either. 

Bo didn’t have the same checkered past to overcome, but he did have a bad reputation to live down in Salem. Hope loved him in spite of all the bad things she heard. Just like her daughter would do after her, she stood up for her relationship knowing that she had found her soul mate. 

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Days of our Lives: Will there be happy endings all around?

DOOL fans know that despite all of the obstacles Bo and Hope became one of Salem’s most beloved super couples. Sadly Hope lost Bo to a brain tumor. However Days fans still view them as one of the couples to beat. The fact that Bo made it back to Hope so many times and despite so many trying circumstances have proved that love can conquer all.

Watching her parents gave Ciara the idea that when love is right you should fight for it no matter what. That’s why when she fell in love with Ben she fought for them and their love. Ciara isn’t likely to ever give up on Ben. Just like her mother never gave up on Bo. Times are sure to be tough for the young couple. However, Salem may just be looking at its next super couple.

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