‘Bold and the Beautiful’Spoilers: Shauna Seeks Quinn’s Help With Flo


Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) is worried about her daughter Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) now that the entire truth has come out about baby Beth. Flo sits in jail on B&B this week. The spoilers say that Shauna is going to go to Quinn Forrester (Rena Soffer) for help.

Now that the truth is out about Beth, it looks like Flo and Shauna don’t have an ally in the world. The Logan family, who had embraced Flo so quickly after learning she was Storm Logan’s (William deVry) daughter, have now turned their backs on her. B&B spoilers indicate the Forrester family want to see Flo punished. It seems this is especially true for Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye).

Bold and the Beautiful: Spoilers Shauna Fulton Asks Quinn Forrester For Huge Favor

The only person who seems to have any compassion for Flo and Shauna is Quinn. She doesn’t want to see her long-time friend and the young woman she thinks of almost like a daughter gets railroaded and buried in all this mess. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Shauna is going to use Quinn’s loyalty and friendship to her advantage.

B&B spoilers have Shana about to approach Quinn for help. She is going to explain things to her and then ask her for a huge favor. Shauna is going to want Quinn’s help getting Flo out of jail. Quinn is a Forrester, and Shauna has seen the kind of power the Forrester name carries in LA. Now it looks like she wants to see that name work for her and Flo.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say this favor will put Quinn in a tough spot. Quinn knows what Flo did was wrong and she does deserve to pay for it. But Shauna and Flo have been like family to her. So she does feel some loyalty to them. Quinn also doesn’t think that Flo should be the only one in jail for this.

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B&B Spoilers: Quinn’s Choice – Old Friends or New Family

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers speculate that Quinn will need to make a choice that may change her life. When Shauna asks her to help Flo, her decision will at least change a relationship in her life.

If she chooses to go against the Forrester family and help Flo and Shauna it could cost her everything she holds dear. This includes her marriage. Quinn has worked hard to gain acceptance into the family. So she doesn’t want to throw it all down the drain. Quinn loves being part of the Forrester elite. So she may not be willing to give that up for Flo, or anyone else for that matter, suggest the B&B spoilers.

But standing by and not helping Flo seems almost unthinkable for Quinn. She wants the young woman to be cleared and to get back to enjoying her life. Quinn still has high hopes for her son Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) and Flo to end up together. Quinn will do almost anything to make that happen.

Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn’s Choice Brings Consequences?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers speculate that if Quinn chooses not to help Flo that choice may have some interesting and unexpected consequences. Shauna and Quinn have been friends for a very long time. B&B fans have seen that Shauna can come off very determined when she really wants something. That kind of determination could spell trouble for Quinn.

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