Bold and the Beautiful: The Logan and Forrester’s History Together


Bold and the Beautiful history all started with two families. The Logan’s and the Forrester’s were the families which really began the romance of this storied soap. It really started with Beth Logan (Robin Riker) and Eric Forrester (John McCook)

Bold and the Beautiful: Beth and Eric- where it truly all began

Many Bold and the Beautiful fans don’t know that Beth Logan was involved with Eric Forrester. She had an affair on her husband Stephen Logan (Patrick Duffy) Eric was also cheating on his wife Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) at the time.  For Eric, the affair was merely a short dalliance. For Beth, it was so much more.

Eric wanted an escape from Stephanie who was known to be a hard woman and sometimes a bit of a tyrant when it came to her husband.  He was looking for something to fill his time and he found Beth a breath of fresh air. Beth fell in love with Eric from the moment she saw him and when their affair began she was sure that he would leave Stephanie for her. When he didn’t it devastated Beth.

Bold and the Beautiful: Logan’s and Forrester’s the next generation- Ridge and Brooke

The saga of the Logan’s and the Forrester’s was far from over. Beth’s daughter Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) would be the next one to fall under the Forrester spell when she met Stephanie and Eric’s oldest son Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). Brooke was helping her mother who was catering a party at the Forrester mansion when, in classic love story fashion, Brooke and Ridge spotted each other across the room. It seemed fated that these two would be together.

However, Stephanie was determined that Ridge do better than “the slut from the valley” as she had christened Brooke. Stephanie got lucky for the moment as Ridge was in love with Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson). However that love was short-lived and when Ridge lost Caroline to cancer he was devastated, but couldn’t get Brooke out of his head.

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge meets Taylor and the war begins

The journey to happily ever after for Ridge and Brooke has been one long, bumpy road. It has been filled with betrayal, interference, apologies, and forgiveness. Ridge and Brooke have not made it easy on each other to keep their flame of love alive.

Stephanie brought in Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) to keep Ridge and Brooke apart. This started a war that lasted until Stephanie’s death. Taylor and Ridge had a love story of their own which includes three children and lots of chaos. It was always Brooke that came between Ridge and Taylor. Ridge could never let her go.

Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke decides to take action

Bold and the Beautiful fans will remember that Brooke always knew that Ridge was her destiny. She was determined to be with him. Brooke didn’t take Stephanie’s interference laying down. Instead, she used Eric’s weakness for pretty women and his wandering eye to her advantage. Brooke decided that since Stephanie kept meddling in her relationship with Ridge it was time to take action and do some meddling of her own.

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 Ridge and Brooke finally get their happy ending on B&B

Now Bold and the Beautiful fans see Ridge and Brooke together after their final ceremony at the Forrester mansion with Stephanie’s picture hanging over the mantle. Brooke had finally won her mother in law’s approval, after years of battle between the two women, as Stephanie was dying of brain cancer. Brooke was by her side as Stephanie slipped away at the cabin in Big Bear and cried as she watched the woman she had come to love and respect die in her arms. 

In an ironic twist, Brooke spoke to Stephanie’s portrait and she heard the woman tell her that she was now the matriarch of the family and that she had earned her place. However, in typical Stephanie style, she let Brooke know that she was watching and took one final shot as she told the woman Ridge had chosen that she was proud and she loved her “slut from the valley.”

After years of waiting for Brooke and Ridge are finally back together but for how long with all of the Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) baby drama? Stay tuned to CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful and watch the Logans and the Forresters’ continuing saga!

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