‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Stirs Up Walmart Shoppers in Real Time

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Alaskan Bush People might like the fans to think that they usually do their shopping among the trees and the fields of the wilderness but they don’t. Not really, as some of their supplies come from the same place that many of their fans do their own shopping. That would be Walmart.

Alaskan Bush People brother Gabe Brown was seen in Walmart this week. A couple of fans got the chance to pose for a selfie with the dad-to-be. While the Brown boys might look wild when running through the trees in the wilderness, in Walmart Gabe was tame.

While it’s great to run into a celeb in your local Walmart, it does taint some of the entrigue for this show. This family is famous and made money from living off the grid on The Discovery Channel show. So running into Gabe in the woods might have seemed more with the show’s storyline. Not in the electronics department at Walmart.

Alaskan Bush People Gabe Brown

Gabe Brown and Noah Brown – Bringing Home the Grandbabies

Gabe Brown is one of two siblings bringing home grandbabies to the Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown. Noah and his wife Rhain Brown are the proud parents of their adorable baby Elijah Brown. Gabe and his wife Raquel Brown have one on the way.

Gabe and Raquel expect their first baby in November. Noah and Gabe are two siblings that have made Ami Brown one happy woman as her wish for grandbabies is finally granted.

Alaskan Bush People: Not Too Much Bugs and Weeds Today

Alaskan Bush People rolled out their latest season this month and viewers see somewhat of a crossover for the Brown clan. Things change and the family grows which is demonstrated in the latest episodes. But they seem to move away from the days of picking weeds for tea and gathering bugs for snacks.

It looks like the Brown tribe takes advantage of modern conveniences today on screen. As veteran viewers of the Alaskan Bush People show know, the Brown family lived in the wild for the purposes of filming.

When the cameras go black, they’re back in society living comfortably in homes. So they didn’t go without modern conveniences for long as now store-bought products slowly trickling into the show.

During this new season, The Discovery Channel seems more relaxed about what’s seen on the camera. Food looks more like it came from Walmart as does some of the new contraptions seen around their mountain compound.

Tune in on Sunday nights at 9 pm ET to watch new episodes of the Alaskan Bush People on The Discovery Channel.

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