‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Creates Smoke and Mirrors With Raiven?


Alaskan Bush People Bear Brown hopped back online recently to say that Raiven Adams returns and they’re giving it another shot. This whirlwind on-again-off-again with a pregnancy thrown in the relationship doesn’t fit with the Brown Family mission.

So, instead of co-parenting, which this couple decided on when they split, they changed their minds. Today this Alaskan Bush People couple gets ready to raise the baby together. Or so they say.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Try to Paint a Picture?

Evidence of Bear Brown getting his lady love back is on his Instagram page. It’s also on Raiven’s social media pages as well. But, and this is a big “but”,  these photos offer nothing new. Fans of the Alaskan Bush People were quick to point out that the happy-looking pictures come from months ago.

Alaskan Bush People - Bear Brown - Raiven Adams - Back Together

It looks like Ami Brown, the mom of the Brown wolfpack, seems to rule over the nest when it comes to sleeping arrangements on the mountain. One scene last season showed her with Bear’s brother Gabe Brown as Gabe’s girlfriend was about to move in. He made sure to tell his mom they had twin beds because they weren’t married yet.

Ami said something about leaving enough room between the beds for the good Lord to walk through. It sounded as if premarital intimacy wasn’t allowed on the Alaskan Bush People mountain. It also sounded like Gabe did what he could to adhere to his mom’s wishes.

Ami Brown Might Have a Say in This?

So it looks like twin beds weren’t the thing for Bear Brown and Raiven Adams. This is more than evident with a baby on the way. Maybe to keep to the wholesome family image, Raiven returned via a contract. Maybe Ami had her hand in this as well. She might want to keep the look of an engaged couple going with a baby on the way.

So far Bear Brown is the only Alaskan Bush People offspring to have a baby without getting hitched first. While this means nothing in today’s world but Ami lives with old fashion values.

Maybe Ami felt that at the very least Bear and Raiven should appear together happy in real life as future episodes display? Was this what drove the bus on their sudden back together again announcement?

Growing Up | Alaskan Bush People

It’s both a battle of survival and a journey towards a new beginning for the Wolfpack this week.An all-new #AlaskanBushPeople starts TONIGHT after Serengeti at 9:15p on Discovery and Discovery GO.

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Bear Brown promised Alaskan Bush People viewers that they’d get to meet Raiven on the reality series. He said this when first announcing his new girlfriend to his followers online.

At that time they probably already filmed the entire last season. So it’s possible Raiven was scheduled to show up in some future episodes that already filmed. The pics Bear shared a while back had Raiven on their mountain.

Her mom Kassy Michele said she spent some time there with Raiven as well. But with her out of Bear’s life in realtime when it’s time to roll out those episodes – well… this gets messy.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear No Longer Gushing Over His Prospective Bride?

Alaskan Bush People seemed to end this last season without much notice. It’s almost as if they just stopped the episodes and called the last one they aired for the season the finale.

Quite possibly the reason behind bringing Bear and Raiven back together is to save the episodes she’s in. The two of them seem to be giving it a try at convincing Alaskan Bush People followers online that they’re together again. Both recently posted how they see “hearts” in nature.

Now that this duo announced they’re reunited, it could be easier for the TLC network to air these episodes. After all, it would look odd showing the two as they blossom in their relationship with fans knowing they’re a done deal today.

The Discovery Channel may possibly show the episodes containing Raiven as the start of a new season. Or any episodes she happens to be in might air as the second half of this last season. Anyway, fans picked up on the lack of enthusiasm Bear demonstrates today after reporting he’s back with Raiven. The over-the-top words of love don’t pop up on his online sites.

The pictures both of them share online are oldies but goodies. It’s like Bear just mirrors what he once did when he really was head over heels about her. So is this a smoke and mirror-type relationship so the reality show isn’t put out of sync?

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