’90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Bites Back After Zied Abuse Claims Surface


90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Rebecca Parrott bit back at fans who claim what they witnessed on the show is abuse from Zied Hakimi. It seems Zied reacted when he saw photos of Rebecca’s old boyfriend still on her phone and that reaction looked over-the-top to fans.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Rebecca Parrott Defends Zied Hakimi

Rebecca stated her case to fans by using TLC in two points of her rebuttal. First of all, Rebecca said she wouldn’t allow abuse, that’s not something she’d stick around for. But what the viewers of the 90 Day Fiance saw was partially due to TLC editing, she said.

Fans saw some physical action but Rebecca said he was actually pulling her closer to him as they argued. While it might not have looked this way in the 90 Day Fiance clip, Rebecca was pulling away from him.

She said she was still mad at him, his anger wasn’t what drove that 90 Day Fiance scene. Rebecca insists that Zied would never be abusive. She also claimed that the TLC camera crew was there. They wouldn’t have allowed any type of abuse.

TLC Would Never Allow This

If abuse emerged, “TLC or Sharp Entertainment would have not allowed it”, said Rebecca. Furthermore, they “damn sure would not have aired it.” Fans have to admit she does have a point there.

But Rebecca is doing the same thing some of the other women on 90 Day Fiance are doing today. They’ve traveled to a foreign country and entered a male-dominated culture expecting to not have to adhere to customs.

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When the men do what comes naturally to them in their own culture, the women get upset. With Rebecca, she knew Zied wouldn’t like her to keep the photos of past love interests.

90 Day Fiance: American Women Find Culture Shock

Many American women would say tough luck while dating within the boundaries of the US. But Rebecca is not in the US. Even the dinner she had with Zied’s parents seemed awkward due to her tattoos. While she wore long sleeves in an attempt to hide them, she didn’t do it very well.

This became a bone of contention with Zied’s father. These are some of the things that Rebecca appeared to half-heartedly attempt to change to fit in with Zied’s culture. Before landing in Zied’s country, Rebecca should have known it wasn’t a culture anything like what she’s used to in the US.

While the fans claim what they witnessed looked like abuse, Rebecca continues to defend Zied. She suggests that fans be responsible with their accusations. She also added the hashtag “abuse is not ok”.

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