Low Budget Cannabis Growing (hemp & marijuana) FOR BEGINNERS!

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Are you new to growing cannabis? How about growing in general? If so, you’ll appreciate my journey to learning how to grow. If you’re like me, you’ve thought about growing cannabis (hemp or marijuana) but feel a bit overwhelmed after watching videos on YouTube?(grow lights, growing mediums, pH balance, blah blah LOL) SO….. I decided to take a stab at pushing the limits on how cannabis can grow. Using just what I could find at home or buy for less than $20 at any given time. If you’re willing to explore this with me, subscribe to my page. High five to Makeshift/MacGyver grow set ups lol!! Let’s do this!!

**DISCLAIMER** NOTHING IS FOR SALE! If you are NOT IN A LEGAL STATE, it is illegal to grow marijuana although you are WELCOME TO GROW HEMP!!!! HIGH FIVE to progress!

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