High-Protein Vegan Recipes

Asian Tofu & Edamame Salad

Craving crunch? Bite into this salad loaded with crisp red cabbage, edamame, bamboo shoots, and chow mein noodles. This salad is slightly sweetened with baked tofu, mandarin oranges, and Asian sesame vinaigrette.” Ingredients 4 cups mesclun ½ cup shredded red cabbage 3 ounces...

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Thai Spaghetti Squash with Peanut Sauce

This gluten-free, vegan version of peanut noodles has a high protein content thanks to edamame and peanut butter. Spaghetti squash turns delicately sweet when roasted, which pairs wonderfully with the Thai-inspired peanut sauce.” Ingredients 1 2½- to 3-pound spaghetti squash, halved lengthwise and...

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Vegan Lasagna

Silken tofu seasoned with cheesy-tasting nutritional yeast makes a flavorful vegan substitute for ricotta and Parmesan. Whole-wheat noodles and lots of veggies make this version healthier than a typical lasagna.” Ingredients 8 ounces whole-wheat lasagna noodles 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided 1...

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Sopa Tarasca

This famous soup from the state of Michoacán in Western Mexico is often made with a base of pureed beans along with tomatoes and dried chiles, which bring a lot of the character to the dish. Here we use ancho chiles, which are...

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Having a stash of flavorful bean burritos in your freezer means you'll always have a satisfying plant-based meal ready for a grab-and-go breakfast on a busy morning or to take to the campsite for an easy campfire meal. Our vegan breakfast filling—made with...

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Basic Black Beans

Master the technique of cooking dried beans with this basic recipe. The cooking time will vary based on the age and size of the beans, so begin to check for tenderness after 1½ hours and continue cooking until the beans are tender.” Ingredients...

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Vegan Chicken Nuggets

For the best vegan chicken nuggets, skip the store and try these homemade baked vegan nuggets instead. Seitan, often called "wheat meat," makes a surprisingly meat-like vegan stand-in for chicken in these crispy breaded tenders. You can make this easy recipe with store-bought...

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Homemade Seitan

Seitan, often called "wheat meat," is just that: a dough made of wheat gluten that, when cooked, very closely resembles meat. It's a common meat replacement for vegetarian and vegan diets and it's actually very easy to make at home. Use it to...

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